Posted by: findingrefugeinyou | March 25, 2009

Setting the Hick Record Straight

So, hicks have been taking a lot of crap out of people in jokes and just all  around conversations.  I decided to tell everyone that yes, I am a hick, and damn proud of it.  🙂


But I’m what’s classified as a Canadian Hick, which is a totally different area of “hickdom”.  Canadian hicks talk like “yeh, gotta get dat deer up at dah cabin with my gun, eh?”  (That’s a horrible translation but it’s close)  Yes, we’re the ones who go on and on about Deer hunting.  At my middle school we even had a open day of hunting season dance where everyone dressed in orange and camo and got dates and danced around.  I tried it once, not for me, I ended up reading my book the entire time praying for dad to come get me and tell me we could go.  Dad does it all the time, and it’s good cuz it helps save money on food.


I do the typical, “target practice” hick thing.  I even have a bow and arrow set that I use.  I love it so much.  🙂  My sister loves my bow more so I’m thinking of giving it to her since I cant bring it with me to South Korea.


I grew up in Upper Michigan, and we’re classified as “Yoopers”.  And I’m going to include the “Yooper Creation Story” just for your enjoyment.

In da beginning dere was nuttin, see
Den on da first day God created da U.P., eh?
On da second day He created da partridge, da deer, da bear, da fish, an da ducks ya know
On da third day He said, “Let dere be YOOPERS to roam da U.P.”
On da fourth day He created da udder world down below and on da fifth day He said,” Let dere be TROLLS to live in da world down below.”
On da sixth day He created ‘DA BRIDGE’ so da TROLLS would have a way to get to Heaven, see.
God saw it was good and on da seventh day He went huntin!!


Tada, and that’s how Yoopers were born, everyone believes it, and you’ll find that story in your History books under the appendix.  😀


I am a country girl: I’ll choose jeans over a skirt, I bale hay every summer, I always have country blaring out my car radio, I always drive with the window open, I think southern accents are cute, I love kids with red hair and freckles, I adore the smell of horse, I feel most comfortable in a saddle and I wont get married unless the guy has my daddy’s permission.  That’s me, and I’m not afriad to let everyone know it is me, cuz i have nothing to hide from the world.  🙂



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