Posted by: findingrefugeinyou | April 6, 2009

Recurring Nightmare

I have had this dream almost once a week for a couple of months or so.

It starts out with me standing in this dirt road, just looking around at people walking along.  I can hear them talking in Korean, and people laughing.  Then all the sudden gunfire and explosions start going off and everyone starts screaming and running past me.  I just keep standing there staring down the road, and I start to see soldiers straight ahead coming towards me shooting random people.

Then a lady runs up to me and gives me her baby and tells me to take her and run, and I just stare at her until all of the sudden she screams and falls to the ground.  Something in me breaks, and I run, holding onto the baby.  There’s a boat off the docks with the American flag on it, I run towards it and a soldier grabs my hand hauling me up.  The General comes up and orders me to drop the baby on the dock but the soldier tells me it’s my baby and it’s half American so the General leaves me alone.

I usually wake up right before I look at the soldier’s face.  I dont really know what the symbolism is, but if anyone could help I’d love it.


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