Posted by: findingrefugeinyou | April 18, 2009

Can i push my Prof off a cliff?

Yesterday was actually really good.  I got up early and showered, spent some time with Luke and then I drove over to school for a “Teacher Strengths” workshop.  We had all taken a test online that assessed our strengths.  It was fun because my favorite geology prof and favorite math prof were there.  Plus 5 girls from my class that I’m friends with.  And i met a girl who nanny’s for the same family that I do.  So weird.

Found out my top 5 strengths are:

Belief = The genius of your Belief talent starts with the fact that you have some very deeply-held beliefs about what is true, what is unchanging, and what can be, and always will, dependable.  These beliefs go very deep.  They provide personal power to stand strong no matter.  This is central to your character.  But the genius of your belief strength is what results from those beliefs.  From your beliefs, you generate meaning, purpose and direction for your life and all you do.  this meaning, purpose and direction translate into a tremendous amount of power, drive and motivation within you  So long as you revolve your life around your deepest values and beliefs, you will experience motivation, drive and determination to make monumental impacts in the lives of individuals as well as groups and organizations.

Intellection = The genius of your  Intellection talents stems from the quality of your thinking.  You think about ideas, concepts, and principles in great depth.  It is as if you hold discussions in your mind about ideas, concepts, observations and new learnings.  this results in deep learning, deep understanding, and deep appreciation for the best knowledge.  Out of this deep processing, you often come to new insights and understandings.  But the greatest aspect of the genius of your intellection is the wisdom that you gain from your in-depth thinking and internal discussions.  You can think by yourself for hours, but never doubt what results: wisdom, clarity and a firm foundation for action planning and decision making.

Developer = The genius of your Developer talent begins with what you can see in other people.  You can see talents, strengths and potential in others that they often cannot see in themselves.  But this is just the beginning.  You can also see what people can do to develop their talents, strengths and potential.  It is as if you see “stepping stones” for moving people from where they are to higher levels of development.  But it doesn’t stop there.  You become energized and determined to stimulate people to move, grow and develop to higher and higher levels of personal effectiveness.  Next, you are particularly perceptive in noticing even the smallest amount of progress people make as they grow and develop.  this leads your mirroring back to people their progress.  Accordingly, you are a great source of encouragement and a stimulator of personal progress as you can see ahead of time what people can become and as you note their progress.  the great thing about all of this is how alive you become as you stimulate others with your Developer talent.

Responsibility = The genius of your Responsibility theme is found in the depth and the quality of relationships you are able to form with people.  Because you are a person of your word, people trust you.  It is this trust that bonds you to others and bonds others to you.  Your ability to build trusting relationships is foundational to any influence relationship.  Therefore you tend to have a highly persuasive and influential impact on people.  this talent can be used to leadership as people will only willingly follow those they trust, and trust is what you have to genius to generate in others.  the final aspect of the genius of your Responsibility theme involves the level of commitment you can generate in others.  this stems from the fact that you make such deep commitments to others and from the fact that you make such deep commitments to their full development and personal fulfillment.

Connectedness = the genius of your Connectedness talent provides you with a very unique way of seeing events, people and the world.  To you there are no accidents.  Your way of seeing events is to recognize that everything that happens is caused by something or someone.  Likewise, what is happening right now will have a “ripple” effect into the future.  Similarly, you see people in terms of the accumulative events and interaction that formed them and moved them to this moment.  Accordingly, this moment and the attitudes that people take to their circumstances will form their future.  Extending this way of seeing to the world in general, you see the past present and future as connected and you see that there is a “master plan” or “Master’s plan” at work at all times.  Your genius talent of Connectedness provides a way of “making sense of the nonsense” around us and generating meaning and purpose for yourself.  When you share what you can see with the genius of your connectedness talent, you help others gain hope as you help them see the past and “connect the dots” of their past in a more meaningful way.  In like manner, you help people see possibilities for the future by making choices now that build a positive future.

I know that was long, but I was hoping people would read them and tell me if they think that sounds like me or not.

The reason I titled this entry as “Can I push my Prof off a cliff?” is because afterwards, Suann (who is in my Math142 group with me, Andy Suann and Miranda) told me that our prof asked her after the exam if we could all talk about our homework answers.  Apparently she thinks we all cheated off eachother on our homework.  Which is rediculous because how you can you cheat on homework?  So I guess that on tuesday when we get our exams back we’ll all talk it out,  but I’m wiling to fight her on this.

So anyway, I came back home, got dressed with alittle help from Onesa.  Me, “dress or pants?”  onesa, “dress”  me “ok”. Then performed at the concert.  there’s a guy in the percussion section who is slightly learning disabled who kinda makes me uncomfortable cuz he’s always touching me, telling me he was thinking of me and things.  But generally he’s a sweet guy, well we started the concert and he told us that he really had to go potty.  And he kept walking back and forth during the concert even though we told him over and over not to.  then in the middle of our march number, I was playing cymbals and I could suddenly smell urine, I looked over and there was a puddle on the floor and he was looking so upset.

Yes, a high school aged student wet his pants,  Becky and I had a hard time not laughing, but we made it through and didnt make him feel worse then he already did.  Then becky and i went to Panera for soup and talked then I collapsed at home.

Yay for full days.  😀


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