Posted by: findingrefugeinyou | May 30, 2009

Incredibly Crappy Week

So I decided to get this all down in writing so that if someone asked my why I look so depressed and pissed I can give them this link and tell them to have a ball.

Started off on Monday night last week when my car decided to shut down after my oil change.  I was with a car full of girls headed to get party stuff and it just stopped in the turn lane.  They took off to party still and I waited for the tow truck guy alone.  Then the tow guy tells me that my car has absolutely no oil in it and had seized up.

Then the next day I developed both the flu and a cold.  So I missed my first day of school to lay on the couch.  Wednesday I got my rental car, which was ok because it turned out to be a 2009 Uplander and amazing, but didnt get to watch the kids because I was still sick.

Thursday, I went to class and then watched the kids.  Then that night I went over to Katie’s where Marissa and Rachel were there already drinking, but I couldnt stay the night and therefore couldnt drink.  But I thought it would be ok since Brandon was on the way to see me, and I missed him terribly.  But the guys were an hour late and I had to leave before they got there.

Friday I was stuck in a car for 8 hours with my grandparents, my uncle and my dog.  Then I had to sleep on the couch since my room is now a dog hospital and cat bathroom.  Saturday was my brother’s graduation party and a ton of graduation parties.  Sunday night was church in the morning, then Stan’s graduation which was long and hot, but I’m soooo proud of him. He graduated Fourth in this class.  Then we went to more graduation parties and then home to collapse.

Monday was the memorial day parade where I walked with the band and handed out water.  It was fun because they had to stand around in front of the court house and I got to talk to them and realized how much I miss all of them.  Then we left for Kalamazoo again, which was hot in the car.

That night I found out that the guy my cousin set me up with actually had a crush on her and she stole him from me.  Which I decided to try and be ok with because it’s important to me that other people are happy.  And Marissa and Kate told me I should still come to dinner with them Tuesday night because Brandon wouldnt be there and that it would be fun.

So Tuesday I went to class again, then I headed over to Kate’s and yeah, it was awkward, but on the way up to Grand Rapids I really thought I could do it.  Then we went to Kate’s house to have dinner with Aunt Amy and my Uncle and her brothers and my Great Aunt Marilyn.  That was super fun, and I had been craving spaghetti for weeks.

Then we went to the garage to see Mike and they told me that Brandon wasn’t going to be there.  And when we showed up there he was with Mike working on the car.  We spent 2 hours talking in a group and having fun.  And I dont even know how it happened, but then they all broke off into pairs and I was left to watch tv on my own, knowing that they were making out.

I finally decided that we all needed to go back to Kalamazoo.  Where we got Taco Bell and then passed out.  I got my car back Wednesday and watched the kids.  Thursday was class, and today I just sat in my room fuming and trying to zen myself up.

I think what really steams me is that they all set me up with him.  And even though I’d only hung out with him twice I really liked him, he’s a country boy and a dork.  Then the minute Kate’s guy decides he doesnt like her she has to go and grab mine.  *sigh* oh well, now I’m moving on and getting better, eating a lot of salads, working on my classes and just trying to not think about it.

I love all the people who supported me through this.  Thank you all so much, *hugs*  I love you.


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