Posted by: findingrefugeinyou | June 1, 2009

People’s Elements

I don’t really believe in witchcraft, but one thing I do believe that’s related to that area is the idea that people have elements that are inside them.  In Memoirs of a Geisha it says that Sayuri has water in her and her sister is Wood, or Earth.

In my family, I’m Earth, my brother is Air and my sister is Fire.  And I do believe that certain elements don’t blend all that well together at times.  Like, Earth and Air I can see being ok, like brushing past eachother without a lot of problems, like me and my brother.  But Fire can destroy Earth and also can help it grow, like me and my sister.  There’s also water, which I can see as my Mom, she puts out Fire, cares for Air and aids Earth.  My dad is more Earth, he’s very rooted and I think it suits him.

In terms of relationships for me, since I’m Earth, I don’t think I could date someone that’s pure Fire, it would be too destructive for me.  Air or Water would be alright for me, although I would prefer Water over Air, because Air would probably be to breezy, coasting right by.

It’s not that I think that everyone just has one element but I do believe that there are certain things that gradually get incorporated into everyone’s mindset and this is one of them.

Have fun figuring out what Element you are!


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