Posted by: findingrefugeinyou | June 23, 2009

Thoughts After This Week

I got back from North Dakota last week but it kinda took me time to realize what hit me the most about it.  It wasnt that there were third world conditions in the heart of the USA, it was the different vicws that some people would consider weird.  There was a lady who stayed with us during that week to scope out the project for her church.  When me and three other girls were digging the trench to barry the wires she and the other adult women came over to watch.  And she said something like, “I just cant believe you girls are doing men’s work.”  And I actually had to just sit there and blink at her.  I grew up on a farm, you did manual labor, you didnt have a choice.  And even if I had a choice I would have saved my dad’s knees the pain and did it anyway.

Just the thought that there are some woman who still believe that the men should wear the pants leaving the girls helpless.  And wasnt even just that, but Sean was “helping” us dig and he kept stopping to just watch us.  Then he said, “It’s much more enjoyable to watch females dig then to watch males dig.”  Which I’m sorry but it pissed me off and I tried to ignore it but was like “hun, girls dont like when you do that”.

There’s a ton of people in this world who just dont understand.  And it’s not that they can be taught it, it’s that they dont know any different.  And you know what I dont judge them.  People get mad at me because I said I didn’t blame the terrorists who flew into the trade towers.  They had been taught and brainwashed that it was the right thing to do, we have so many similarities to them, views on family and such.  True, the fact that they knew they were killing innocents should have crossed their minds, but in their head we arent innocent.

Even things like in North Korea they believe in genetic imprisonment.  Where if my dad steals something or kills someone, everyone within two generations will be thrown into prison in his family.  My uncle could be a priest and they would still throw him in jail and torture him for something my dad did.  In our heads it is wrong, but in their minds it is a way to control the population.  To make them to scared for their families to commit a crime in fear they will be punished to.

Oh well, it may all be rubish in others heads, but it’s something to consider the next time you meet someone.


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