Posted by: findingrefugeinyou | October 15, 2009

Funny what life throws at you…

I applied at three universities as a transfer student, so keep your fingers crossed.  #1 choice = Grand Valley State University, #2 = Ferris State University, #3 = Western Michigan University.

And I got a new puppy, Yoshi, a Welsh Corgi, he’s my new baby.  The lady who fostered him told me about his story: his owner was an elderly lady who passed away, her children took Yoshi and paid for him to be looked after at a kennel for a week, three months later they still didn’t come to get him and so the foster people were called.


My sister has her MIT interview soon, and mom is nearing the end of her doctorate program.  I’m really proud of my dad, he’s doing a christian outreach in the prison.  His plan is to do devotions all week as a civilian and then at the end show up in uniform, they figure it will be very moving to have the prisoners realize that a cop cares that much about them.

I’ve just been thinking about how lucky I am, yeah I was flat broke and on my ass a week ago, but now i have myself back on my feet and a wonderful support system.  I’m so lucky to have Dave, and my parents and good friends.  I miss Sara, Beth, Brad and Emily….but I know I’ll see them all soon enough.8934_1260613996266_1257150085_30791101_1481024_n


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