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List of Pets to Get

1. Labradoodle – I love these puppies.  My family was driving down the road and we saw this really pretty dog running on the side so we stopped and like tracked it through the neighborhood and split up.  I found it first and kept it busy until my mom and siblings caught up with me.  Then I stole my sister’s belt to make a leash for it.  We kept him at home for awhile and I just fell in love with that dog. He was so soft and curly haired and then he was incredibly nice and stuff.


2. Skunk – They’re cute, they can have the stinky sacks removed when they’re babies so they are just really nice pets.  All the places I’ve researched have said that skunks can be incredibly loving and they’re cool to walk down the sidewalk.  I think it would be neat to try it and I love the idea.


3. Duck – Yes, I want a duck.  I think it would be a really awesome pet.  You could let it swim in your bathtub, it looks adorable when it walks.  Plus I’m in love with the duck “quack”.  So it’s a win win situation for me.


4. Kitten – I’m usually a dog person, but staying with Sara and her cats made me want one so bad.  Honest, and I don’t want like three or four, I just want one, cuz they crave attention and with my puppy I don’t to put one above the other.


5. Panda – Yeah, I’m stupid and do want a panda.  But I adore the panda, the baby noises they make, the way they eat, how cute they are.  So this is my random crazy pet want.


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Fricken Love Life

So, recently I was the victim of reality and I broke it off with the one person I’ve fallen for ever.  I mean it really clicked and I even was confinced we were soul mates.  (go ahead and laugh all you single people)

I guess I hadn’t realized how much difference a guy can make in the decision making process when deciding my future.  It took some convincing, and if Onesa hadn’t been holding my hand the whole time I probably couldn’t have done it.  I’m not the kind of person to just shut off all communication.  Hell, I even have a chat window next to this internet box that has his chat in it and Onesa’s.

The way I left it also can bring up some interesting ideas.  I told him that we are apart but if he works hard enough he can win me back.  So far he’s knocked me off my feet with the romance, and I can’t tell you all how much that means to me.

But when I thought about him and I being together I realized somethings (with Onesa’s help).  My dream is to move to S. Korea and teach english to little kids.  It may sound stupid but I love everything Korean, I’m learning the language, I’m cooking the food, I go to a Korean church, and I even watch Korean tv shows.  And it’s the perfect idea for me, I’ve already been offered jobs in private schools there.  They said that I dont have to pay rent, the school pays it, and I get $60 an hour, plus they have amazing insurance for teachers.

When I brought up Korea with him, it seemed like he wouldn’t even think about considering it.  And even when I said, “what about living there a week with me to get me settled”, he still wasnt thrilled.  So I was left with a couple options and I decided to put “us” to the test and break it off.

I’m willing to give up my family (whom I’m very close with) to move to HIS country and marry him.  But first I need to at least try my dream.  I mean, there is a 40% chance that when I move to Korea I’m going to go “ok, so I like the American Korea, but not the Korean Korea”.  That probably sounds stupid but you’d be surprised how cultures get changed across oceans.

My questions to those stupid enough to read this is are:

1. When do you know love conquers all?

2. If you really want to be with someone, how do you know who’s giving too much, or too little?

3. Why are boys so Fricken complicated?!

And just cuz I’m a horrible and random person, here is my puppy Eve and my Grandpa on my Mom’s side, Wayne Mann.  I dont care what anyone else says, that is a cute picture if I do say so myself.


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Where in the World is Kiki?

I’m in Delaware!  No, seriously, I am.  😀

I’m at Sara’s house just going crazy and living it up.  Unfortuneately I brought them snow but we’re making the best of it.  And hopefully it wont be too cold for Washington DC or New York City.  🙂

My biggest happiness, besides being with my big sister, is that I finally FINALLY found a Wall-E stuffed animal.  He’s sitting next to me wondering where Eve is.  Oh wait, she’s on the bed with Sara.  muahahaha.  Bet you didnt see that coming, I did!

ok, i’m done being random for now.  I’m going to figure out some stuff on my lappy while Sara plays with her new macbook.

See you chickens later.

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Wow, I need to update

So literally, this is what happened to me, I woke up and was like, “i have to update my blog!”  Thanks a lot Sara!!!  Now it’s a necessity!  😀

So today is going to be pretty awesome I think.  Either that or it’s going to be a complete car wreck.

Today I’m going to church with my other grandparents at the Baptist church and then I’m going to the Korean church service with Gavin.  I’m really hoping it actually is in Korean but if not it’s ok.  At least the sign that leads to it is in Korean and it’s called the Korean Methodist Church. 🙂

Then after that I have to run home and get ready for an online wedding.  Woot!  I’m getting married to Luke on second life.  And I’m actually kinda nervous about it.  But I’ll have all the people who are important to me next to me so it’ll be ok.

Crap, I’m running out of time.  So I’m going to post a link that I found with the new Stumble toolbar Sara showed me!!  YAY!!

Oh and my newest ultimate favorite pick.


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So welcome to the family edition of the “Who Is Kiersten” game show.  Today our contestants are My FaMiLy.


First up is my Momma.  Emily Ritsema.  Born January 28th, 1963.  She’s the best lady in the world, she’s a teacher at my old high school teaching math.  I’m living with her parents for college, and I’m actually sleeping in her old room. My favorite memory of my mommy is when I was so upset one day when my friends were being mean and she helped me feel better.  I love all the memories of cuddling on the couch and watching a movie.  I love her so much.

My daddy is Scott Ritsema, born January 8th, 1963.  He’s a State Police Trooper, and an amazing guy.  I love my poppa so much, he’s funny and protective at the same time.  I think my favorite memory of my dad is when I went to prom and dad showed up in his uniform to slow dance with me.  I felt so happy that he came. I love my fujiama.


I’m the oldest but underneath me is Stanley, and his birthday is August 8, 1990.  He’s actually graduating this year from high school and he’s been accepted to three major colleges in Michigan. He really wants to go into computers, japanese and clarinet performance.  My favorite memory of Stan is all the wrestling and going to wake him up every morning by jumping on top of him and then trying to cuddle and having him push me away.  😀  That’s my froggy.

Then there’s the last of our group Julia, she was born May 2, 1992.  She’s spunky and very good with fashion.  And even though she’s good at that she wants to go to MIT or Princeton to study math and engineering.  And this is the ultimate memory, ok, so we were cleaning out the horse barn and it was Julia’s turn to empty the wheelbarrow but it had rained all day it was super muddy.  She walked out of the barn and then we heard yelling and i walked out.  There she was with the wheelbarrow in front of her and i looked down to see: boot, boot, sock, sock, foot, foot, leading to the pile of manure.   Soooooo funny. Yay for ju-ju!

So this is the end of my random family post, wahoo.  Love you all!

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I really need out

So lately I’ve been really confused about a lot of stuff.  What with an sl wedding coming up, and knowing i need to switch colleges in two semesters.  And last night I kinda broke.  My grandma has been really involved in my life, and I’m grateful dont get me wrong, she pays for my credit card emergencies, and all my food.  And I’m sooo thankful. But…it doesnt feel like college.   It feels like “vacation at nana’s”.  I dont think I can do it anymore.

I’m calling my mom today and talking about getting an apartment.  I know it would only be for a couple of semesters unless I go to WMU.  But if I get into U of M then I’ll have to move.  I just cant anymore.

Want to know what broke me?  Ok, here’s the situation, I’m leaving my room to get Eve (my puppy) for the night and Grandma stops me and starts talking about how she doesnt know how to help me remember to brush my teeth.  And of course I start getting really stress and upset but I’m an expert at the “flat face” so I throw that on and just nod a lot.  “And I know you havent every night cuz your toothbrush wasnt wet.”  That kinda made me almost start crying so I quickly ended the conversation and ran to the bathroom.

I dunno, I guess it’s the combination of the fact that I just found out I have ADHD and a couple of other disorders, my mom now has diabetes, my mom doesnt think I can get into the college I want, I’m worried about classes, I’m 20 years old and living with my grandma and my friends and I havent hung out in forever.

I just want to be on my own, I mean it doesnt even feel like college, and it should!  I wanted the whole “meet week” and all the traditional stuff.  But I dont.  I gave up a lot during my life to make my parents happy, and I’m sick of it.

And you know what, as I typed that I just realized that the minute my mom says “financially we can’t” I’m going to cave, and just keep living with grandma to make her happy.  So I dont know why I typed all this.  Oh well.

Ok, I’m going to suck it up, get dressed and go stand in the back of the band crashing two cymbals together.  Love you guys.

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My first post ~ a random thought

Have you ever wondered if there really is such a thing as reincarnation?  I often think about it and when I do it sometimes scares me, and other times makes me happy.  I also think about what I would want to come back as.

My favorite animal to picture myself as is a horse.  When people talk about horses, they always say things like “independent and running wild”.  But I have horses and i can tell you that those words are wrong.  Horses are almost totally dependent on eachother.  They think not about themselves but about the herd.  I want that, the power in the motion of running, the feeling of always being connected with others and being protected by the leader of the group.

Another animal I would like to be is a butterfly.  Yes, they are frail and very easily disposed of.  But I think about those couple people that I could make happy just by seeing me.  Just eating flowers, flitting around, carefree and then gone like a summer breeze.

Reincarnation is also scary because what if I came back as a poisonous snake and bit a small child.  That would be super bad karma.  And that’s what scares me.  Or coming back as something harmful to others.

So when thinking about reincarnation I would rather think of it as me coming back as something good.  But if it be bad I can only hope that it’s not terrible.

That’s my random thought for the day.  More later.  AnnyongGaseyo

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Hello world!

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